Vision and Mission


With several technology professionals owning a successful career in information technology, SARA-IT is an indispensable Security, Advisory, Research and Audit resource. It’s what you need in this high demanding and rapidly changing environment in information technology. SARA-IT distinguishing criterion are: high ethics, professionalism, independence, insightful, trustworthiness, reliability, and instantly applicable to your business challenges.

Help businesses who does not have an IT team in their organization, to take a knowledgeable decision about their IT assets, from different perspectives that is crucial for the success and continuity of the business operations.

Support existing IT team in areas where that they are not familiar with and bridge the gap between required business needs in IT and existing needs. It makes sense to partner with company like SARA-IT to provide specialties that your company lack, because hiring such specialized resources on long term basis is costly and will be difficult to retain.

SARA-IT vision to be the leading Advisory and Research organization in the Middle East and North Africa, by addressing the specific needs of each organization.


In this tight period of economic growth, challenges for businesses to compete is primarily dependent on the use of information technology and its services. Business Owners and CTO’s are facing challenges which need to be addressed, but their organizations lack the skilled Human Resources to do the job and drive the business in the right direction.

SARA-IT mission is to bridge the gap in these organizations between available Human Resources skill set and required skill set to face these challenges, by providing economies to scale services for a specific period of time on a specific service.

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